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Here is a list of past shows to date. If you have any further information then please contact us so we can add it to the page.

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2022     Musical Mayhem

             Cash on Delivery

             Country Roads

2021     Outside Edge

             The Flint Street Nativity                             

2020    Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

             Lockdown Unlocked

2019     Brani Musicali

             Black Coffee

             I Love the 80's

2018     The Emperor's New Clothes

             Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

             Keep The Home Fires Burning

             It Runs in the Family

2017     The Little Mermaid

             A Chorus of Disapproval

             50 years of The Summer of Love

2016     Peter Pan

             Prescription for Murder

             A Tomb With a View

2015      Pinocchio

             Old Actors Never Die

2014     Cruise Missile

             Alternative Accommodation

2013      The Ex Factor


2011      Santa in Space 

             Key For Two

2010     Puss in Boots

             Arabian Nights (Juniors)

             Blue Suede Blues


2008    Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves


            Spring Song Singers (Juniors)

            Seaside Tripper (Juniors)

            Heads You Lose

            What's for Pudding?

2007    The Snow Queen

            A Dog's Life

            Two Fat Men

2006   Sleeping Beauty

            Tom Jones

            The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley

            A Jolly Sinister Jape

2005    Dick Whittington

            Seeds of Doubt

2004    The Wedding of the Year

            The Bathroom Door (Juniors)

            Gilly's Gem

2003    Aladdin

            Murdered to Death

2002    Babes in the Wood

            Cash on Delivey

2001    The Wizard of Oz

            Spud Ferret and the Case of the                                Missing Hypergyrocopter (Juniors)

            An Afternoon at the Seaside

2000    Out of Sight, Out of Murder

             Spud Ferret and the Missing                                     Diamonds      (Juniors)

             Nudes in Waning Light

1999     Mother Goose

1998     The Pied Piper

             Life Is for Living (revue)

             The Happiest Days of Your Life


             Last Tango in Little Grimley

             (with Milverton AmDram)

1997     Cinderella

             Dead Man's Hand

             Courting Disaster

             Gilly's Gem

1996     Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

             Curses – Foiled Again!

             I Never Thought It Would be Like This

             One Down, Three Across

1995     The Sleeping Princess

             A Trip to Scarborough

             Murder Play

             April Dawn

1994     Goody Twoshoes

             Canterbury Tales

             Cup Final

             Campfire's Burning

1993     Santa in Space

             Mystery at Greenfingers

             Village Folk (revue)

1992     The Queen of Hearts

             Murder in Company

             The Village Green (revue)

1991     Sing a Song of Sixpence

            Beyond a Joke

            The Village 'All part II (revue)

1990    Babes in the Wood

            Two and Two Make Sex

            The Village 'All part I (revue)

1989    The Grand Old Duke of York

            The Wedding of the Year

1988    Aladdin

            Love and the Boxer

            Whodidit? (Juniors)

1987    Dick Whittington

            An Afternoon at the Seaside

            No Mean City (Juniors)

1986    Cinderella

            The Patient

1985    The Sleeping Princess

            Fishy Business

1984    Panto Frolics

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The Bradford Players

Bradford on Tone Village Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA41HF

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